Job Posting

You can now place job postings through the GRADUAN.COM and connect directly to potential hires. This feature
allows you to receive applications from experienced talent, graduates and undergraduates throughout the year for all positions (full-time, internship, part-time or even contract work).

Manage JobYou may access this page at  sidebar  "Manage Jobs" This page allows you to create new job posting and view all jobs under your organisation.

Post Job Postings1. You may start to post a job by clicking "Create New Job"view?mode=null&filename=80533ae6-08e0-4e27-ac0a-e7708761e917.jpegjob.JPG 80.36 KB

2.  Fill up the "Position Title" and click "Next"
view?mode=null&filename=dc8eb5bc-105c-42e8-9759-8871ef4f657f.jpegtiitle.JPG 72.22 KB

3. Fill up all the information, especially the mandatory fields (asterisk symbol).4. Click "Update" and "View" if you would like to view the job before publish it.     Kindly note, that you can edit the information fields as long as the job postings in the draft status.
view?mode=null&filename=b8968c11-1ce6-4497-b6cf-d66e67a5c267.jpegjob page.JPG 130.79 KB

5. Kindly fill up the "Start Date" and "End Date". The End Date must be less than 30 days prior to your Start Date.
view?mode=null&filename=70b73c32-c249-4eec-9073-0d0c9c6060ef.jpegjob page 2.JPG 138.56 KB

6) Once you fill up all the fields, kindly click "Update" and "Publish"  button to publish your job posting.
     Kindly note, all information field can be edit once the job has been published.

Edit the Job Posting
1. To edit the job posting, click the edit button (pencil) and you may edit the information fields accordingly.

view?mode=null&filename=32ec371f-7600-4f82-9066-69f1ec46ed67.jpegManage Job.JPG 87.02 KB

Extend the Job Posting
1. You may extend the expired job posting by click the "Extend" button.
view?mode=null&filename=2cee4a41-aace-4387-968c-2150b3e966ca.png1.png 112.16 KB

2. Kindly choose the new deadline for the Job Posting.
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