Manage Job Applicant

Manage JobYou may access this page at  sidebar  "Manage Jobs" This page allows you to create new job posting and view all jobs under your organisation.
1. Kindly click the edit button on the selected job that you would like view

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2. You may click the "Manage Applicant" button and view all the applicant details.

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3. You may check all the applicant and download the resume.

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3. You may mark the talent applicant for your remarks.view?mode=null&filename=2693dafb-36d2-4a6f-84fe-93e35916008b.png5.png 51.09 KB

Edit Job Applicant
You can edit Job Applicant by clicking EDIT icon
Inside that edit Job Applicant page you can accept, interview, shortlisted, under-consideration, no-show or unsuccessful applicant.

Interview, Shortlisted and Under Consideration
You can assign Job Applicant status under Interview, Shortlisted or Under Consideration.

No Show or Unsuccessful
You can assign Job Applicant status under No Show or Unsuccessful.
When assign to this status, Job Applicant will be locked.

Accept Applicant
You can accept applicant by clicking ACCEPT icon, Talent will be notify, Talent need to accept Company request or denied that request. If Talent accept Company request, Job Applicant status will updated to talent-successful and will be locked.

Denied Applicant
You can denied applicant by clicking DENIED icon, Job Applicant status will updated to unsuccessful and will be locked.