How is GRADUAN different from other career platform?


Unlike other career platforms, GRADUAN® creates exclusive content such as videos and articles for employers which can be viewed on GRADUAN® TV and also on our website This content is created in order to give graduates an insight into Malaysia's top organisations.

GRADUAN® organises a number of different events including GRADUAN Aspire, The Malaysian Career Fair, GRADUAN-MASCA Australia Career Fair, Networking Sessions and many more!

These events provide talents the opportunity to meet and interact with Malaysia’s best employers and a kickstart to their career!

Graduates & More!
GRADUAN® is dedicated to ensuring young talents finish their studies with a scroll in one hand and a career opportunity in the other! With that being said, we give graduates the platform to land their dream jobs while also providing tips and tricks on how they can survive in their newly found working world.

Video Resumes
Enhance your GRADUAN® profile with a visume! Captivate your future employers with a 30-second visume that is bound to make an impact and make and land your dream job.