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The most frequent questions about Graduan and what we can do for you.

The Malaysian Virtual Career Fair Update
The Malaysian Career Fair 2020 is now Virtual! 
This new initiative enables more Malaysian Talent from all over the world to engage and benefit!
Fully centred around career opportunities, the event composes of webinars, live QnA sessions and chat rooms with over 30 of the leading companies driving the Malaysian workforce. 
Get ready to engage with the participating employers regardless wherever you are! 
Visit for more information and registration.
Job Applications / Internships
All applications including internships or job applications that are available on GRADUAN platform is managed by the companies themselves.

For all inquiries regarding your applications, please contact the HR manager of the companies that you already applied to.

Looking for internships but can't find a job posting on GRADUAN® Jobs? No worries, click GRADUAN® Companies to go to company listing and find the company that offers an internship. You can find the tagging when you click on the company. You can proceed to email them to ask about internships placement.
What should you do if you did not received verification link or reset password link?
It could be various reasons why you did not receive those links, refer to below reasons;

Deleted Account
You might have deleted your account in the past. It could be that you registered the wrong user type like Company or Institution, so you delete your account. For this case, contact [email protected] and describe your problem(s) as detail you can be.

Spam Mail Domain
Your email client might remark our domain as spam. Make sure to check your spam inbox also before reaching to support.

If you not sure why you did not receive those links, email us on [email protected]
I accidentally registered as Company/Institution. What should I do?
First of all, don't deactivate or delete your account.

Doing this will not completely remove your account from our database. So if you want to register again with the same email, it will fail due to your email already being used.

What to do?
Write an email to GRADUAN® Support on [email protected] and describe your problems.
Provide us information such as your name and email used to register to
How is GRADUAN different from other career platform?
Unlike other career platforms, GRADUAN® creates exclusive content such as videos and articles for employers which can be viewed on GRADUAN® TV and also on our website This content is created in order to give graduates an insight into Malaysia's top organisations.

GRADUAN® organises a number of different events including GRADUAN Aspire, The Malaysian Career Fair, GRADUAN-MASCA Australia Career Fair, Networking Sessions and many more!

These events provide talents the opportunity to meet and interact with Malaysia’s best employers and a kickstart to their career!

Graduates & More!
GRADUAN® is dedicated to ensuring young talents finish their studies with a scroll in one hand and a career opportunity in the other! With that being said, we give graduates the platform to land their dream jobs while also providing tips and tricks on how they can survive in their newly found working world.

Video Resumes
Enhance your GRADUAN® profile with a visume! Captivate your future employers with a 30-second visume that is bound to make an impact and make and land your dream job.
How to register to GRADUAN?
You can register to GRADUAN using various ways. Below are the ways you can follow to register for an account.

Register via email

Go to the page register
Select the TALENT button, then enter your name, email and password. Then click REGISTER button
After successful registration, you will be redirected to Thank You page.
Please verify your email via checking your inbox, if not found, please check your spam or junk folder.

Register/Login via Google+

Go to the login page here
Click icon Google+ to register via Google+
After successful register via Google+, you will be redirected to Choose User Type page.
Choose Talent and click Continue, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page.

Register via Facebook

Go to the login page here
Click icon Facebook to register via Facebook. After successful register via Facebook, you will be redirected to Choose User Type page. Choose Talent and click Continue, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page.

Register via LinkedIn

Go to the login page here
Click icon LinkedIn to register via LinkedIn. After successful register via LinkedIn, you will be redirected to Choose User Type page. Choose Talent and click Continue, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page.
How to enroll for a course?
You can apply for Course at Graduan here

To apply for a course, click the 'See Details' button on the desired course.
Go through all the details properly on the course page.

If the requirements do meet the skill sets that you have, click on the 'Apply' button.
Where should I find more information about the company?
Go to the homepage, click on the Career > Companies or simply click here. Use the search companies to filter the desired company.

To find more information about the culture of the company and how it feels working at the company heads up to our youtube channel and find the company if present.

GRADUAN TV is GRADUAN's very own YouTube channel showcasing real-life offices and working environments from top-level corporate offices and exclusive interviews with high-level executives and CEOs! GRADUAN TV also provides tips and tricks for young professionals to succeed in the working world

Subscribe to GRADUAN TV to keep up with the latest happenings and be career ready! 

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